Pinnacle Charter and Tours serves our clients with national motor coach tours, as the newest division of the Pinnacle Car Services, Inc. organization. Pinnacle Car Services, Inc. began operating in Northwest Arkansas as a black car service in 2005 and expanded to providing mini coach services in 2009, which then launched the idea for building a charter tour division.

Our car service and mini coach history positions us to provide an unmatched customer service experience, which is embedded in our Charter and Tours division as well. Our fleet has grown to nine motor coaches over the past two years and our services have quickly expanded throughout the four-state region and beyond.

Our Charter and Tours division is truly a full-service transportation company. Our staff delivers a high-caliber client experience by planning tour logistics, coordinating the dine and stay, and providing transportation and concierge service throughout the event. We invite you and your group to join us for an exciting tour experience!

For more information on Pinnacle Car Services, Inc. and all services offered, please visit www.pinnlimo.com. 


  • Coach amenities such as Wifi, DVD Player and sound system are provided as a service. Should a specific amenity be unavailable or inoperable, Pinnacle will make every effort to communicate and provide a reasonable substitute in advance. 
Cost of Tour Includes:
  • The cost of a tour includes various aspects of the trip as specified per individual itinerary: transportation, hotel accommodations, baggage handling, and sightseeing activities can be included. Any included meals will also be specified in the itinerary. 
  • All tips are included for baggage handling and local guides. We recommend tipping your driver and/or tour guide individually at the end of the trip, based on level of service provided. Industry standard is $2-$4 per passenger, per day. 
Driver Role:
  • Pinnacle Charter & Tours drivers represent the company in every aspect. This includes setting housekeeping expectations, planning rest stops, and making the final decision on routes that support passengers and vehicle safety in all circumstances, such as inclement weather and roads or locations that are not constructed or passable for motor coach traffic.  


Deposit Policy:
  • One Day Trips: Payment is Due in Full to book the trip.
  • Multi Day Trips: A 25% non-refundable Deposit is due to book the trip. The remaining balance will be automatically processed to the client’s Credit Card 30 days prior to trip departure.
Refund Policy:
  • One Day Trips: Cancellations made more than 30 days prior to trip will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee plus all expenses incurred by Pinnacle Charter & Tours on behalf of the client. No refunds will be issued on cancellations made within 30 days of trip departure. 
  • Multi Day Trips: No refund will be given. Cancellations made more than 30 days prior to a trip will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee, plus a $50 convenience fee, plus all expenses incurred by Pinnacle Charter & Tours on behalf of the client. No refunds will be issued on cancellations made within 30 days of trip departure. 
  • In the unfortunate event that a trip is cancelled by Pinnacle Charter & Tours, a full refund will be given. Circumstances to cause a cancellation would be lack of seats filled on the bus (most tours have a 25 person minimum), or the event of an uncontrollable natural force. Pinnacle will do everything possible to make cancellation notification at least 7 days prior to trip departure. 
Ticket Information: 
  • Pinnacle Charter & Tours utilizes a third party ticket company, Stubs.net for ticket purchases. Stubs.net stores client information in order to automatically process trip balances 30 days prior to departure. You will receive direct email confirmations and receipts when trips have been booked and the remaining balance has been processed.
  • To view all of our currently available tickets, visit https://stubs.net/Events/3
  • The primary focus of Pinnacle Charter & Tours is safety for our clients, our team, and our equipment. 
  • Pinnacle Charter & Tours (Operated by Pinnacle Car Services, Inc.) acts as a planning agent in arranging various trip or tour activities and therefore ​assumes no liability in connection with any tour services provided. Pinnacle Charter & Tours is ​specifically ​not responsible for any loss or injury in ​connection with: Hotel accommodations / amenities, restaurants, meals and drinks, excursions, or sightseeing events and activities.​
  • Pinnacle is not responsible for any client​'​s acts while not on board the vehicle. In addition, Pinnacle reserves the right to change or alter tour itineraries at any time if deemed necessary by the Pinnacle driver or company agent, for the improvement of the tour or in response to unforeseen circumstances.  
  • Pinnacle Drivers reserve the right to plan quick “Comfort Stops” approximately every 2.5 - 3.5 hours for use of restroom or to get a quick snack or drink.
Mechanical Difficulties: 
  • In the unfortunate event that a Pinnacle Coach is unable to complete a charter due to a mechanical issue, substitutions may be made with another carrier to perform the service. Pinnacle’s liability due to the breakdown is limited to the cost of completing the charter contract with another company. 
Smoking and Alcohol:
  • No smoking is permitted within 10 feet of a Pinnacle Charter & Tours Motor Coach. Alcohol consumption may occur on the bus, provided the law is being followed. No passengers under the age of 21 may consume alcohol at any time. Pinnacle drivers have the right to terminate the reservation at any time if he/she experiences the client(s) becoming aggressive and/or a perceived threat to the equipment, the passengers, or the driver.
  • Pinnace is not liable for any expenses due to the actions of clients who are inebriated or otherwise disruptive while on the bus or during the trip. 
Vehicle Damages:
  • The client is responsible for payment of any damages incurred to the inside or outside of a Coach during a trip, including and not limited to windows, TV monitors, floors, restroom space and functionality, seats / upholstery, and the vehicle exterior.
  • Damages include excessive amounts of trash left on vehicle and general disrespect to Pinnacle property. All clients are subject to a $250.00 cleaning fee when applicable, as determined by Pinnacle’s maintenance staff. 
  • In the event the restroom becomes inoperable during the trip due to misuse by the client or passengers, Pinnacle Charter & Tours will not assume liability if the damage is not easily repaired for the duration of the trip.


We are always looking for qualified people to add to our team! Please call our office at (479) 205-0505 to inquire about at Pinnacle Charter & Tours or Pinnacle Car Services, Inc. job opportunities. 

You can also email your resume directly our HR Director at office@pinnlimo.com and we will contact you on the next steps for joining the team. 


1. How many days do most trips last?
We have day trips, weekend trips, 3 to 4 day trips, and trips that last 8 days and more. We also have some local trips that only last part of the day.

2. Do your prices include all expenses on the entire trip?
Some trips are all-inclusive, but not all. Generally, on trips longer than a day, hotels, shows and activities listed on your itinerary are included in the price of the trip. Meals that are included within the trip will be designated as an included meal, and will include the cost of the meal, the tax, and the tip. Meals on your own will be designated as such and not included in the price.

3. What happens if someone breaks something on the bus, or makes a huge mess?  
A copy of our Policies and Procedures is available on this site. 
4. What are your buses like?
Our Motor Coaches are Luxury 54-Passenger Coaches that have black leather seats and wood floors. We have Drop-Down TV Screens, Wifi, individual USB ports and 110 outlets on each row, as well as an on-board restroom.

5. What about tipping?
All tips are included for baggage handling and local guides. We recommend tipping your driver and/or tour guide individually at the end of the trip, based on level of service provided. Industry standard is $2-$4 per passenger, per day. 

6. Do I have to put down a deposit when booking a trip?
Yes, we require a 25% non-refundable deposit at the time you purchase your tickets. The balance is due 35 days prior to your trip. Any trip cancelled by Pinnacle Charters & Tours will receive a full refund.  

7. How much luggage can I take?
Each passenger is allotted 1 suitcase weighing less than 40 pounds to be stored underneath the bus in the luggage carriage. Each passenger is also allowed 1 carry-on bag that can be stored overhead inside the bus. Pinnacle is not responsible for any lost or damaged luggage or personal property. 

8. How long can a driver work today without a break?
Pinnacle follows all safety regulations set forth by the Department of Transportation. Our drivers are permitted to work no more than 15 hours per day, with less than 10 hours being drive time. Drivers are encouraged to be off-duty for breaks as needed for lunch mid-day and dinner in the evening. Drivers are also required by law to be off-duty for 8 hours before starting another work shift in order to get proper rest. 

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